Lipstick - 100% Swiss made woman watch, gold plated, back

Welcome to Andre Mouche, am family owned watch business, located just below the white snow peaks of the Swiss alps. Here we search and gain inspiration for unique and evergreen design.

Andre Mouche watches are 100% hand made in Switzerland, since generations. As a family owned business all designs are developed in house and carried out by passion for beauty and long lasting quality. Some say it's more a piece of jewellery than a watch, you might be right. Hence you open the beautiful cover and read the time, our battery would not give up for 7 years. Welcome to Swiss Watchmaking family tradition.

Lipstick is an exceptional piece of jewellery that stands out for its shape and inlays of gold. It can just not hide.

  • gold plated, black
  • Ladies watch, cal. 5 1/2, RONDA 762
  • 4 Jewels Analog pendant watch, brass case and chain, both gold-plated, white dial
  • Type: André Mouche - Lipstick 580-04191

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